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GoPro NEW HERO4 Session

NEW: GoPro HERO4 Session, the smallest high video quality camera yet

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Speed up Post Production

watch the 4 videos on this post, this is a trully interesting app for film editors and postproducers. ""

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2016: Cinematographers on Drones

Well I know, this might be an Utopia, but I really see my self being ask by that Director in the future, asking me to do the shot like that, I totally believe that someone else could be flying the drone frome the ground and a person camera men or cinematographer can be in the

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Read this new Rattings from Internet Broadband to see who is the Monster.

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The Future: HooverBike

I am sure this military proyect, the hoover bike, will do a lot of interesting buy for regular costumers and people who are looking for new adn different ways of transportation, it will also work for people looking for diverse media to shoot wfilms with heavier cameras, this looks like the kind of drone that

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New, BlackMagic Micro

This is a very interesting camera, by Black Magic, the MICRO, built in RAW ProRes recorder, lets you control focus, iris and zoom wirelessly this is also  the world’s smallest completely open and customizable camera. Introducing the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera, a miniaturized Super 16mm, professional digital film camera that is designed to be operated remotely and

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Google is looking for directors

Google is looking for directors, to  test the new  16 camera array from google, they are asking for projects so they can put you on the list and give you this amazing new array of cameras so you can test them Just follow this link: Google 16 Gopro cameras Filmmakers, producers, artists, and journalists are

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GoPro CineForm Codec Standardized by SMPTE

SMPTE Standardizes GoPro CineForm Codec as the New Open Standard for Video Acquisition and Post Production SAN MATEO, CA (June 6, 2014) – GoPro, maker of the Emmy® Award-winning HERO® camera and enabler of some of today’s most engaging professional video content, announced today that the core technology behind the GoPro CineForm Codec has been standardized by the Society

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Interesting little cine light

Relio, this little led light looks amazing good for tons of situations we as filmmakers get shooting small spaces,  I have been in a ton of situations where I neded an extra punch from a source and the smaller light I had was a Pepper or not even that probably a Baby, but in those


Interesting Fashion Short Film

Strange short film I found, is like trying to be Kubrick, but different